»HOW TO SOLVE THE FIRST WORLD PROBLEM« is a guide by the First World inhabitant Pauline Baumberger. It’s attempt is to change the way you see your own society and it’s problems. It is giving answers by raising questions.

As you are observing this guide, you might be an inhabitant of the First World. Living in the First World means to live in a world in which some problems have already been solved without your effort. But with not having problems regarding the basic needs, come other ones. Every surrounding brings new problems with it. Maybe it is about time to change these surroundings in order to solve the problems arising in them. By changing them, you redefine the First World and by that, the society you live in.

For further information on the project, contact the First World Association. info@howtosolvethefirstworldproblem.com

As the term arose in the Internet, the material that you see and listen to is collected from the Internet, from people sharing content and by that sharing knowledge and opinions with the community. In the guide to the guide you find the sources of each video and audio piece. I do not own the rights for the material that has been used for the video guide. This is a non-profit project in a scientific context. Please contact me if you see your owner rights violated. I do own the rights for this specific arrangement of video and audio pieces. If you would like to use any of the content, please contact me as well.